Episode 127

Published on:

23rd May 2024

Comfort Eating, Tiredness and Exhaustion - Recharging the Batteries

It's episode127.  

In this week's episode I continue my deep dive into the S.H.I.T.E. - My S.H.I.T.E. Guide to overcoming overeating, overthinking and overdoing any unhelpful behaviour that gets in the way of our health and weight-loss goals.

This week it's the 'T' - Tiredness and Exhaustion. No doubt you have experienced just how demotivated you feel and unwilling you are to engage in the actions and behaviours that move you towards your goals. In this episode I explore that and share 3 areas of approach that can help you recharge your own personal energy levels.

I mention the following resources that you can find beneficial in supporting improving your energy levels:

The Daily Sprout Email, including link once signed up to the 3 Zzzed's to Better Sleep: https://midlifereshape.com/new-daily-sprout-sign-up/

Check out the Membership for the 'Relaxation Habit' and 'Calm in a Crazy Fast World' Course mentioned: https://midlifereshape.com/

David Algeo is a Restless Midlifer, searching for answers and adventure. His mission is to help other like minded midlifers reshape their weight, health and life - reaguining a zest for adventure for midlife and beyond.

Dave's approach to making changes in life, health and direction, are rooted in his 'sprout sweater philosophy. Check out his 'Crackerjack' video here https://youtu.be/OZM4ObMSu6U to learn more about the basic metaphor. Check out episodes 30 and 31 to learn more about Dave's approach.

Visit podcast or search for 'Midlife Reshape' in your favourite podcast feed. To find out more about the podcast, and episode show notes visit https://midlifereshape.com/podcast/. Drop Dave a line at dave@restlessmidlifer.com to ask questions, offer feedback or suggestions for future podcast content.

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